“5 Explosive Elements to Keep an Eye on in Bills vs. Cowboys”

5 things to watch for in Bills vs. Cowboys

5 things to watch for in Bills vs. Cowboys

1. Touchdown makers

The upcoming Week 15 face-off between the Cowboys and Bills isn’t just about two teams meeting; it’s a clash showcasing the stellar talents of Josh Allen and Dak Prescott. Beyond this game, these quarterbacks stand out as top-notch scorers in the NFL.

Key Players in the Bills vs. Cowboys Matchup

Josh Allen – Total Touchdown Maestro

Josh Allen, quarterback for the Bills, boasts the league’s highest count of total touchdowns, an impressive 35. His adaptability and strategic approach make him a force to reckon with on the field.

Dak Prescott – Passing Touchdown Virtuoso

On the opposing side, Dak Prescott of the Cowboys leads the NFL in passing touchdowns with an outstanding tally of 28. His precision and finesse in passing form the core of the Cowboys’ offensive prowess.

The Rare Showdown: NFL’s Historical Rarity

This Sunday will witness only the third-ever face-off between the outright passing touchdown leader and the outright offensive touchdown leader post the 1970 NFL merger.

Analyzing Prescott’s Tactical Evolution

ESPN NFL reporter, Ed Werder, shared insights on Prescott’s tactical shift during the ‘Bills by the Numbers’ podcast. Prescott’s increased use of mobility post the bye week has notably made the Cowboys’ offense more challenging to defend against.

“After the bye, Dak made a conscious decision to leverage his mobility more effectively,” mentioned Werder. “He not only strategically ran the ball at crucial moments but also excelled in scrambling to extend plays, maneuvering outside the pocket, much like Josh Allen, showcasing himself as one of the finest quarterbacks beyond the typical quarterback territory.”

Werder also credited head coach Mike McCarthy, who took over offensive play-calling duties this season, for urging Prescott to adopt a more aggressive stance in downfield throws.

Insight from Bills’ Coach McDermott

Bills’ head coach Sean McDermott acknowledges the explosive nature of the Cowboys’ offense. He highlighted their talent and emphasized the immense challenge they pose, especially on third downs, where they rank as the number one team in the NFL.

Prescott and Allen’s Scoring Prowess

Prescott’s recent streak is remarkable, boasting two or more passing touchdowns in seven consecutive games, marking the longest streak by any quarterback this season.

While Prescott’s performance shines, the Cowboys, led by head coach Mike McCarthy, equally acknowledge the scoring capabilities of Josh Allen.

“He’s a dynamic football player,” expressed McCarthy about Allen. “The way he handles the position reminds me of a young Brett Favre. His temperament and ability to throw the ball across the entire field are impressive. His aggressive style in running makes him akin to a running back; he’s impactful in every aspect of the game.”

Home vs. Road Performance Insights

Notably, Prescott and Allen showcase stark differences in their passer ratings concerning home and away games. Prescott experiences a significant drop of nearly 34 points in passer rating when playing away compared to his home games. Conversely, Allen’s passer rating escalates by almost 32 points when he plays at Highmark Stadium. These statistics shed light on Prescott’s 3-3 record on the road this season, while Allen boasts a 5-1 home record (excluding the “home game” loss in London).

2. Cowboys first half scoring

Dominance in Point Differential: Bills vs. Cowboys

Since 2021, both the Bills vs. Cowboys stand out as the most prolific teams in terms of point differentials. Dallas leads the pack with a commanding +485, closely followed by Buffalo at +467, securing first and second positions in this category. However, in 2023, the rankings have slightly shifted, with the Cowboys maintaining their lead at +188 while the Bills stand fifth at +104.

Cowboys’ First-Half Dominance

The Cowboys owe a significant portion of their differential to their remarkable first-half scoring performance this season. They’ve set an impressive record, averaging nearly 20 points (19.8) in the first half of their games in 2023. This staggering average stands as the second-highest in league history, trailing only behind New England in 2007 with 20.8 points.

Dallas has outpaced opponents in the first half by more than double, scoring 258 points against their opponents’ 125, resulting in a commanding first-half scoring margin of +133, leading the league. This early dominance has showcased the strength of the Cowboys’ defense.

Former Cowboy and host of the Bleav in Dallas Cowboys podcast, Jessie Holley, highlighted the impact of Dak Prescott in driving this early point production. “When they establish such leads,” Holley remarked, “their pass rush becomes relentless as opponents are forced to play catch-up, resorting to throwing the ball, which works in Dallas’ favor.”

Buffalo’s First-Half Performance

Meanwhile, the Bills have maintained a commendable first-half performance, outscoring opponents 170 to 123 this season, securing a +47 margin, placing them seventh in the NFL rankings. Additionally, since 2020, the Bills boast an impressive AFC-leading +188-point differential against NFC opponents.

3. Trench battle

Defensive Prowess: Pass Rush Battle

While Dallas has drawn attention for their formidable pass rush, the Buffalo Bills possess an equally underrated defensive front. Currently tied for third in the league with 42 sacks, the Bills’ defensive strategy revolves around making Dak Prescott uncomfortable within the pocket.

“We’ve been highly impressed with their entire defensive lineup,” remarked McCarthy regarding the Bills’ defensive prowess. “Particularly, Oliver stands out as a disruptive force. He demands our attention. He’s a dynamic player, posing a significant challenge for our guards, Tyler and Zack.”

On the other side, Buffalo faces a daunting task against the Cowboys’ offensive line, ranking second in the league with a pressure rate allowed on just over 28 percent of drop-backs (28.2%). Additionally, with rotational end A.J. Epenesa likely sidelined due to a rib injury, the Bills will rely more on Von Miller, who showcased a return to his elite pass-rushing form in the previous game, according to head coach Sean McDermott.

“I saw Von’s resurgence last week against Kansas City, and we’re looking forward to that momentum,” stated McDermott. “With AJ’s potential absence, it’s about the ‘next man up’ mentality. Whether it’s Von or someone else stepping in, it’s a crucial piece for us moving forward.”

If Epenesa is unable to play against Dallas, keep an eye on the Bills’ promising second-year pass rusher, Kingsley Jonathan, stepping up to fill the void on the edge.

4. The Parsons Project

Defensive Dynamo: Micah Parsons and Dallas’ Strategy

Micah Parsons stands as one of the premier pass rushers in the league, boasting 12.5 sacks this season, ranking eighth, and leading the NFL with an impressive 82 quarterback pressures. His unparalleled pressure percentage at just over 20% (20.1%) sets the league standard, making him a formidable force.

“Parsons presents a significant challenge,” acknowledged Josh Allen. “Their defensive line is incredibly talented and disruptive. They’ve got multiple players causing chaos. We’re diligently preparing to handle number 11 and the entire line. Our focus is on playing our best game this Sunday.”

ESPN NFL analyst, Dan Orlovsky, highlighted strategies to mitigate Parsons’ impact on the game, emphasizing the avoidance of predictable passing situations.

“To counter the Dallas pass rush, excelling on first downs is crucial,” explained Orlovsky. “It’s not about aiming for third-and-short; it’s about putting Micah Parsons in compromising positions. He’s the linchpin of their defense, and they thrive on creating chaos. They want to disband the offensive line. The key is keeping the line cohesive and well-connected.”

Orlovsky emphasized the significance of Josh’s mobility on third downs, capitalizing on the opportunities created by Dallas’ shifting defensive tactics.

Additionally, Dallas ranks sixth in the league with a blitz rate nearing 37% (36.7%) and favors man coverage on 47% of their snaps, the highest in the NFL.

“They aim to induce uncertainty and pressure quarterbacks,” added Werder. “Their strategy involves creating hesitancy and taking advantage of opportunities on the backend, where Da’Ron Bland’s five pick-sixes amplify their approach of pressuring opponents into turnovers.”

5. Still Cooking

James Cook’s Resurgence: A Force on Offense

James Cook, in his second year, has been on an impressive streak, amassing over 100 total yards from scrimmage in the last four games. Despite just 15 touches last week, he dominated with 141 yards and contributed significantly to eight of the longest plays in the victory against the Chiefs.

“His dual-threat ability has been evident since his college days,” highlighted Allen. “Whenever he touches the ball, it sparks positive outcomes for us. We need to explore new ways to involve him, be it in running plays or the passing game. Trying to match him with a linebacker often proves challenging if they’re not fast enough. His agility with the ball is remarkable, and he’s been instrumental in making fantastic plays for our team.”

Cook has notched seven games with 100+ yards from scrimmage this season, with his standout performance occurring in Week 2 against the Raiders, where he accumulated 159 total yards. Despite the season’s fluctuations, the University of Georgia alum has maintained composure, capitalizing on every opportunity that comes his way.

“Despite the ups and downs, I aim to stay consistent,” expressed Cook. “Whenever I get a chance, I strive to deliver. The more I contribute, the more involved I become. I focus on making plays for my team whenever I’m given the chance.”

Notably, Cook’s involvement in the passing game has surged in the last four games, with 16 catches out of 18 targets, boasting an impressive 89% catch rate. He credited his efforts in building rapport with Josh Allen for this increased chemistry in the passing game.

The Tale of Two Teams

Here, we dissect the Bills and Cowboys individually, exploring their strengths, iconic players, coaching strategies, and the ethos that defines each team. This analysis sheds light on what makes these teams formidable adversaries and how their contrasting styles create an enthralling spectacle every time they meet on the field.

Key Matchups to Watch

Highlighting the pivotal player matchups and strategic face-offs, this section anticipates the key battles that could potentially sway the game’s outcome. From quarterbacks to defensive giants, every clash within the game is dissected to reveal the potential game-changing moments.

The Atmosphere and Fanfare

The ambiance surrounding a Bills vs. Cowboys game is incomparable. From the roaring crowds to the electric stadium atmosphere, this section encapsulates the fan fervor, traditions, and rituals that elevate the experience of witnessing this clash in person.

Bills vs. Cowboys: Past Glory Moments

Revisit the standout moments in the history of this rivalry. From iconic plays to legendary comebacks, these historic instances are etched in the memories of both Bills and Cowboys fans, adding depth and emotion to the ongoing saga of their clashes.


  • What is the origin of the Bills vs. Cowboys rivalry? The rivalry sparked from their intense matchups during crucial games in the NFL’s history, stirring competitive spirits and a desire for supremacy.
  • Who are the key players to watch in the Bills vs. Cowboys game? Players like Josh Allen for the Bills and Dak Prescott for the Cowboys stand as pivotal figures, showcasing exceptional skills and leadership on the field.
  • Are there any memorable encounters between these teams? The Super Bowl clashes between these giants stand out, with each team showcasing remarkable performances and leaving an indelible mark on NFL history.
  • How do the team strategies differ in Bills vs. Cowboys games? The Bills often emphasize a robust passing game, while the Cowboys exhibit a balanced approach, utilizing both passing and rushing effectively.
  • What impact does this rivalry have on the NFL landscape? The Bills vs. Cowboys games generate immense viewer interest, amplifying the NFL’s popularity and drawing in fans from around the world.
  • What makes the Bills vs. Cowboys clash an unmissable event? The sheer intensity, historic significance, and passionate fan bases of both teams create an electric atmosphere, making this matchup a spectacle worth witness

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