12th Fail

The movie 12th Fail is based on a true story from Anurag Pathak’s 2019 book. It follows Manoj Kumar Sharma, who went from extreme poverty to becoming an Indian Police Service officer. The main actor, J, stars alongside Medha Shankar, Anant V Joshi, Anshumaan Pushkar, and Priyanshu Chatterjee.

IPS manoj sharma
IPS manoj sharma
Real Vs Reel shraddha sharma IRS
Real Vs Reel shraddha sharma IRS

12th fail movie

12th fail Synopsis:

The film opens in a little village in Madhya Pradesh’s Chambal area. The film opens in a modest home with a father, his daughter, their two older boys, and their elderly mother and wife. Manoj Kumar Sharma is first shown cheating on his 12th-grade exam.

A friend of Manoj Kumar Sharma’s father, who works with him in his office, showed up with a letter of suspension that Manoj Kumar’s father refuses to give up. When the grandmother questions him, Manoj Kumar’s father’s buddy admits that he slapped the chairman with his slippers and didn’t sign a document that the village vidhayak gave him, among other wrongdoings.

After pasting this letter of suspension on the wall, the colleague departed from his residence. The scene that follows takes place in a classroom for the 12th board exam. All of the students are there to take the exam because they have failed it multiple times and because the school is run by the village Vidhayak Ji. As a result, the vidhayak ji has provided accommodations for every student to ensure their passing. The teacher is writing answers on the board, and the students are copying it.

A sincere DSP entered the class in the interim, and as a result, he proceeded to the principal’s office where he was being bought off by the principal. The DSP takes a picture of the bribe and arrests the school’s principal.

Subsequently, we learned that Manoj Kumar and his brother had failed once more and that their father was taking on corruption. He bid his family members farewell with a heart full of warmth and sadness. To have some cash to maintain their home, Manoj Kumar and his brother created a jugaad. They got into trouble once more when Vidhayak Ji’s men halted their transport truck, and a dishonest police officer arrested them both. Manoj Kumar and the crooked policeman had a lengthy talk during which Manoj Kumar was let go so he could get his gun and shoot the officer.

However, he worked from his thoughts, going to the DSP quarter and explaining the entire incident to him. Manoj was speaking to the DSP like an adult, so he consented to accompany him to the police station. When he got there, he told the dishonest policeman to free Manoj Kumar’s brother. They were given a lift by the DSP on their way home, and it was then that he learned Manoj Kumar was a student at the school where he had stopped cheating. He lectured Manoj Kumar on why cheating is wrong and that you have to work hard and make a commitment to quit cheating.

Manoj Kumar left the village to finish his BA degree because he was inspired by the DSP’s authority and wanted to become a strong police officer as well. Upon finishing his degree, he returned home and informed his mother that he wanted to enrol in PCS training. His grandma then gave him his entire lifetime pension, instructing him not to disclose this to anybody. When the conductor woke him up at the Alwar bus stop after he had taken a bus from his village to Alwar, he was surprised to see that his suitcase and all of his essentials had been taken.

He asked the conductor about it and discovered that the woman seated next to him had taken the bag half an hour earlier.

Manoj was thinking about everything right now because he had lost the money his grandmother had given him, he didn’t have any money for coaching, and he didn’t have any rent to pay the PG. He learned that the PCS exam had been postponed for two years.

He spent many days outside of a restaurant without food, but one day his hunger became unbearable, so he went to the restaurant and asked to be given some food. The owner of the restaurant then told him to get some work so he could pay for the food he had been given, but the owner refused. After he insisted repeatedly, a voice called out, “Bhai main de dunga,” and it was Pritam Pandey, who was also vying for PCS. However, Pritam Pandey is currently travelling to Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar to prepare for the UPSC to become an IAS or IPS officer.

Manoj also requested that Pritam take him to Delhi. After Pritam accepted Manoj, the two travelled to Delhi.

The following day, they visited Gauri bhaiya, a fellow UPSC candidate who had made it to the final interview but, after failing in all of his attempts, fate decided to take a different turn. He began encouraging other UPSC candidates and helping them to start over in life. Pritam moved to an English coaching centre after realizing that Gauri bhaiya’s last attempt had failed, while Manoj remained with Gauri bhaiya.

Manoj failed the UPSC preliminary exam, but Pritam passed the exam and went on to fail the UPSC main exam. While working two part-time jobs, Manoj went to Pritam Pandey’s tutoring to serve tea. It was there that he met Deepak Mohan, who had recently qualified for the UPSC and joined the IPS. Deepak Mohan promised Manoj Kumar that he should come anytime he wanted and not hesitate. Manoj Kumar eventually joined a coaching centre and a library for part-time work after discovering several coaching centres.

His story took a turn when he met Shraddha, a UPSC candidate who mistook Manoj for an aeronautical engineer. Manoj didn’t even inform her about him at the time because he now harbours a tiny romantic interest in her and fears that she will leave him if he clears up the confusion. Together, they began to study and spend time together. Another twist in his life occurred when Shraddha raised her hand during a class discussion on aeronautical engineering to indicate that Manoj is an engineer in this field and was hesitant to respond.

When Shraddha discovered that Manoj was only a BA pass and not an aeronautical engineer, she returned to her house in Mussoorie to prepare for the UPSC preliminary exam without telling Manoj Kumar. This time, Manoj failed on his third try. He went to Mussoorie to meet Shraddha after his third attempt at meeting her failed and after she left him. There, he learned that she had left to attend a wedding at her paternal aunt’s house, but the housekeeper at Shraddha’s house had helped him to contact Shraddha on her cell phone.

Manoj was asked by Shraddha why he had come to her house rather than concentrating on his goal, which he needed to restart. At this moment, Manoj also travelled to his village, where he learned that his grandmother had passed away. He asked her mother why she hadn’t informed him that her grandmother had preferred not to see him under stress.

After a brief altercation with the librarian upon his return to Delhi, Manoj went to work in an atta chakki, where he worked for 12 to 14 hours. At night, he would study under a single lamp. Gauri bhaiya visited Manoj’s atta chakki one day with his father. Manoj was overcome with emotion at seeing his father, and both the father and the son made a choice. He passed the preliminary exam on his fourth try, but when he saw Shraddha in class one day, he realized that he had failed his main attempt because he had written an essay about Indian tourism that he had mistakenly identified as Indian terrorism.

Giving Manoj Kumar his time, he went to see Deepak Mohan, who is currently an IPS officer. Manoj Manoj Kumar was given an essay to write on the topic of Manoj Kumar Sharma, but he was unable to finish it in 8 minutes and 20 seconds. Manoj Kumar was informed by Deepak Mohan that UPSC was not for him. Discouraged Manoj Kumar arrived at the tea stall owned by Gauri bhaiya while seated next to Shraddha. A drunken Pritam Pandey arrived, having failed his preliminary exams as well.

He was horrified to see the two of them together and told Manoj Kumar that Shraddha would ruin his life and that she would not look at him if he failed. When Shraddha left the area, Manoj followed, happy to see her go. At that moment, Shraddha let her heart speak, asking him to throw everything into disorder.

After arriving at his atta chakki, Manoj began studying. Gauri bhaiya assisted him by providing his accommodation and taking care of all the necessities, including sending money to his parents. Shraddha passed her preliminary exam and is currently returning to Mussoorie for her main exam. Manoj eventually learned from Shraddha that she passed the interview and is currently a deputy collector.

The success of Shraddha overwhelmed Manoj, who is now twice as motivated. On his previous try, Manoj passed both the preliminary and final exams. After his most recent attempt failed, Pritam Pandey became enraged over Manoj’s accomplishment. Shraddha wanted to travel to Delhi, but her father prevented her from doing so since he had learned from an unidentified source that her daughter had shared a bed with Manoj Kumar.

When Manoj Kumar called Pritam Panday after realizing the entire scam, a policeman quickly answered the phone. When Manoj Kumar arrived at the police station, he spotted Pritam by the bars. There, he gave the dishonest police officer a lesson. Following the exit from the station Manoj looked at Pritam’s phone. Manoj was correct when he said that Pritam had phoned Shraddha’s house; Pritam was heartbroken by what he had said.

Shraddha’s request to visit Delhi was approved by her parents. She travelled to Delhi and met with Manoj. She gave him a note that he had to read by himself.

Manoj made a big impression on all the interviewers when he walked into the room with his 12-chambered suit. After reading the letter in which Shraddha begged him to marry her regardless of whether he would become an IPS officer, Manoj was told to wait two minutes outside.

He was summoned inside once more, questioned, and asked to depart.

He wasn’t sure if his name would appear on the list on the day of the results, but he still went ahead and did so. Pritam Panday becomes a reporter, and his entire family is thrilled; Gauri Bhaiya is overwhelmed.

At the end of the video, we witness IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma going to a police station where he meets an honest DSP and extends his first invitation to the wedding. Even though DSP was able to identify him, he still hugged him.

In the jugad van carrying Manoj’s barat to Mussoorie are sitting Vidhayak ji, the chairman, and his goons.

12 fail jugaad auto riksha
12 fail jugaad auto riksha

12th fail box office collection

The Vidhu Vinod Chopra film 12th Fail has achieved a noteworthy milestone in its sixth week of release,  the film released in theatres on October 27 in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. surpassing the 50 crore net mark with a total of Rs 50.68 crore net. This indicates a resounding success for content-driven cinema. This true story, which stars Vikrant Massey and Medha Shankar, has won over hearts and the box office, according to a statement from the producers.

DayWeeksCollection (in Inr Cr)
FridayWeek 11.11
SaturdayWeek 12.51
SundayWeek 13.12
MondayWeek 11.5
TuesdayWeek 11.65
WednesdayWeek 11.85
ThursdayWeek 11.3
Week 1 Total13.04
FridayWeek 21.76
SaturdayWeek 23.42
SundayWeek 23.33
MondayWeek 21.32
TuesdayWeek 21.41
WednesdayWeek 21.46
ThursdayWeek 21.51
Week 2 Total14.21
FridayWeek 31.1
SaturdayWeek 31.75
SundayWeek 30.55
MondayWeek 31.75
TuesdayWeek 31.7
WednesdayWeek 30.9
ThursdayWeek 30.9
Week 3 Total8.65
FridayWeek 41.1
SaturdayWeek 41.7
SundayWeek 40.7
MondayWeek 40.75
TuesdayWeek 40.75
WednesdayWeek 40.75
ThursdayWeek 40.7
Week 4 Total6.45
FridayWeek 50.7
SaturdayWeek 51.45
SundayWeek 52.1
MondayWeek 50.9
TuesdayWeek 50.5
WednesdayWeek 50.6
ThursdayWeek 50.6
Week 5 Total6.85
FridayWeek 60.2
SaturdayWeek 60.4
SundayWeek 60.55
MondayWeek 60.17
TuesdayWeek 60.15
WednesdayWeek 60.17
ThursdayWeek 60.15
Week 6 Total1.79
FridayWeek 70.12
SaturdayWeek 70.3
SundayWeek 70.4
MondayWeek 70.13
TuesdayWeek 70.15
WednesdayWeek 70.17
ThursdayWeek 70.17
Week 7 Total1.44
FridayWeek 80.17
SaturdayWeek 80.3
SundayWeek 80.45
MondayWeek 80.1
TuesdayWeek 80.1
WednesdayWeek 80.1
ThursdayWeek 80.03
Week 8 Total1.25
Week 9 Total0.2

12th fail movie download

This will have a very bad impact on the box office collection of the film and the makers will have to suffer huge losses. In any movie or web series, there is always a danger of one thing, which is piracy, and the movie’s 12th fail has been leaked.

There is bad news for the makers of 12th fail movie download as the movie has been leaked in HD on torrent websites.

Some piracy websites like Filmyzilla, 7StarHD, Movierulz, VegaMovies, and Mp4moviez have leaked the film online. If a list were made of the most famous movie piracy websites in India, it would include Filmyzilla, 7StarHD, Movierulz, VegaMovies, and Mp4moviez.

These torrent websites and Telegram Channels have leaked the download link of the 12th fail movie. On these websites, all the movies will be available for download in 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4k.

These websites have been banned because pirating movies is a legal offence in India. However, they keep operating through various mirrors and proxies.

The leak of the 12th fail just before its theatrical release is unfortunate and could negatively impact its box office collections. The makers may suffer serious losses as a result of this piracy. We urge viewers to not engage with these illegal websites and to watch 12th fail only through official channels. Strong legal action should be taken against such movie piracy sites damaging the entertainment industry.

Say No to Piracy

We should not do piracy of any film. This causes great loss to our film industry. Many people put in hard work and money to make a film.

If we download and watch movies from any torrent website, it causes financial loss to the makers.

And the real fun of watching films is in theatres and not on mobile and laptop screens.

(Disclaimer: This post is published only to make people aware. The film or web series download link was not in this post. Piracy is very harmful to our film

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12th Fail Main Cast

Vikrant MasseyManoj Kumar Sharma
Medha ShankarShraddha Joshi
Anant V JoshiPritam Pandey
Anshumaan PushkarGauri Bhaiya
Priyanshu ChatterjeeDSP Dushyant Singh
Geeta Aggarwal SharmaPushpa Sharma, Manoj’s mother
Harish KhannaRamveer Sharma, Manoj’s father
Sarita JoshiManoj’s grandmother
Sanjay BishnoiNaval
Vikas DivyakirtiHimself
Vijay Kumar DograSundar
Perry ChhabraRajini Sharma, Manoj’s younger sister
Neeraj KalraShraddha’s father
Darius ChinoyMr. Solanki
Radhika JoshiTanya
Fasi KhanKishan, Shraddha’s house servant
Rahul Dev ShettyMr. Mehta, Manoj’s UPSC interviewer
Movie cast

12th fail Produced by 

Vidhu Vinod ChopraProducer
Abhishek DubeyCreative Producer
Atul Vinod DuggalLine Producer
Yogesh IshwarCo-producer
Produced By

12th fail Music by 

Shantanu Moitra

12th fail Writers

Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Jaskunwar Kohli(co-writer)
Anurag Pathak(associate writer)
Aayush Saxena(associate writer)

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